Machine Vision Intelligent Manufacturing

TZTEK was founded in 2005 and currently headquarters in Suzhou, China P.R.
As Expert in Machine Vision & Intelligent Manufacturing, TZTEK is dedicated to serving customers in precision manufacturing industry with artificial intelligence and information technologies. By helping customers to improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce production costs, TZTEK has been playing a positive role to promote global competitiveness for China precision manufacturing industry.

4Product Lines

TZTEK is focus on technical innovation and insist on the top brand in China, at same time have already become success model of local independent innovation high tier brand.
TZTEK has 4 product lines including precision measuring instrument, automatic measuring system, automatic detection system and automatic assembly system.

  • Precision measuring instrument
    It is mainly used for dimensional inspection in precision manufacturing. Combining multidisciplinary technologies such as machine vision, error compensation, measurement and control technology, and mechatronics, it has now reached the leading level in the industry, and its sales volume ranks in the fore front of the industry.
  • Machine vision products
    Widely used in high-precision parts manufacturing of precision electronics manufacturing, it can quickly detect the geometric parameters or surface flaws of parts, and automatically reject rejects or rank them according to the test results to achieve the quality of the parts. Big data analysis.
  • Automation solution
    Smart factory construction and transformation for precision manufacturing customers, while improving quality and efficiency while reducing labor costs, has been successfully applied to consumer electronics, automotive parts, FMCG and other industries.
  • Robots and Cloud services
    Providing intelligent robots, cloud quality inspection services, and big data analysis services for precision manufacturing is an emerging business focused on the next generation of manufacturing.
  • Patent Application

  • Patent Licensing

Focus on R&D innovationc

National Science Instrument Major Project / National High-Tech Enterprise / National Torch Plan / Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award

Based on the worlds leading technology R&D system, TZTEK pay attention to brand and customer service management, through the continuous high strength of scientific and technological innovation, constantly met the latest requirements of customers in precision manufacturing, and provide customers with the best products and solutions. With hundreds of R&D engineers and sustained investment in precision measuring, machine vision and industrial automation, TETZK had applied for 90 patents and more than 40 were obtained. TZTEK was listed into China Torch Program and awarded the Jiangsu Provincial Award for Science and Technology Progress. As the drafter of calibration specification and national standard of metrology on video measuring and coordinate measuring, TZTEK had participated in the drafting of several national specifications. Technical foundation of Video Measurement Instrument, co-published by TZTEK and National Metrology Institutes, had become the essential guide for the practitioner.

2013 Year

In 2013, TZTEK and Ministry of Science and Technology of China start a high-end R&D Program jointly, the Development and Application of Compound High-precision Coordinate Measurement Instrument, which makes TETZK the only well-known enterprise in this field undertaking the National Key Scientific Instrument and Equipment Development Project.

August 2016

The project passed the mid-term acceptance and the accuracy of the instrument approached "0.3 micron."

Create greater value for customers

Create great value for customer

Promote the precision manufacturing competitiveness in China

TZTEK is always based on the modern industry, intelligent industry and future industry. After more than 10 years of development, TZTEKs products and services have covered many high-end users in China and abroad, and gained the influence in the industry preliminary. However, we are well aware of that it is just the start-up. It is not easy to march on, and what we can do is just to challenge difficult. China precision manufacturing is in historic transformation from big to strength, facing with the latest globally competition, under the unprecedented severe situation. We never can be too careful to grasp the trend of industrial development, listen to the voice of every customer, and serve every customer well, in order to survive in this round of global competition and development, and truly create greater value for customers, really promote the precision manufacturing competitiveness promotion in China!