According to the requirements of the “13th Five-Year Plan” for renewable energy, it is expected that total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation in 2020 will reach 105 million kilowatts. As the market demand for silicon wafers continues growing, an increasing number of companies use automated equipments to sort and inspect silicon wafers. Therefore, TZTEK TZTEK Sorting and Inspection System For Wafer, a more intelligent and automatic solution is provided to support detection and sorting for tiny defects such as contamination, chipping and cracking of silicon wafers at high-efficiency and precision within a specified period of time.

TZTEK Sorting and Inspection System For Wafer condenses machine vision technology and experience of TZTEK in past 10+ years. By introducing the deep-learning AI algorithm, identification and extraction of the features in the image with high-efficiency and recognition rate are allowed. Meanwhile, it integrates 4 processes into one system including feeding, full-item inspection, data analysis, unloading and sorting, therefore to fully meet your needs for sorting and testing wafers and other similar products in new energy industry.

  • "0" Damage

    Non-contact with "0" damage

  • Data Support

    automatically collectiing and uploading real-time inspection and sorting data

  • Low Cost

    Less labour investment , lower total sorting and testing costs

4Key Processes